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Available Aircraft
Airbus A320/321 - ACMI
Airbus A340- ACMI
Tu-204C Freighter
Piper Cheyenne - ACMI
Saab 340 - ACMI
Boeing 767-300ER - ACMI
Boeing 737-300F - ACMI

Bell 212 Helicopters for sale
Dornier 328-300 Jet - ACMI
Boeing 737-800 - ACMI
MD 83 - ACMI
Jetstream J-41
Jetstream J-32
Boeing 737-300/400/500
Fokker F-50
L- 410 UVP, UVPE, UVPE-20

Interested in any of the above aircraft? If you can't see what you want we can certainly find it for you.

Passenger Freighter or Combi
Telephone or e-mail your aircraft type & requirements.

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Fractional Ownership

    Sounds painful but it can be your ticket to obtaining one of the best business tools around. Fractional Ownership is for the business or private individual who cannot justify or doesn't have the budget to have an aircraft not pulling its weight.

    Normally a business aircraft needs to be operating for 300 hrs or more a year to make it economical. You may only have a need for 50-60 hours a year so an aircraft becomes very expensive. 5-6 businesses or individuals together get over the magic 300 hrs and then it starts to make economic sense. 

    That's all Fractional Ownership is. Share the acquisition and the running costs. One other advantage is that in Europe you have to have an AOC around the aircraft to satisfy current European aviation law so you get the extra benefit of your aircraft being able to do charter flights when not working on the core business.

        We know of aircraft whose owners are looking for people or business to enter into         fractional ownership or if you have a group of like minded people or business we           can help you form your own syndicate.

    The Choice is yours: Fractional Ownership

    The way forward for business aviation